How to maintain the car brake disc?


Car owners often reflect the brake is not wear-resistant, which is actually an early wear phenomenon, resulting in the early wear of the main reasons for the following aspects. 1. The material and structure of the inferior brake disc or drum are easy to cause the early wear of the brake pad.
2, due to brake system brake caliper long-term use of the damaged caused by brake not return, making films and long-term dawdle resulting in serious abnormal wear.
3, the brake pad material is not required and the brake pad friction layer design density is not reasonable, is also one of the causes of brake pad wear.
4, the original car brake pad design area is small, in the long-term speeding, braking frequently, overloading and long-term use of high temperature, but also the main cause of the brake pad wear is the main reason.
For the above reasons, it is recommended that you use matched with your car brake disc, brake clamp series, sheet. Replace the brake pads of the optimal timing of disc brake of the brake pad thickness can be by stepping on the brake plate method to check, and drum brake shoe brake slice thickness of the check, you must will brake shoe from the brake pull out to pick up the check. But both disc brake brake or drum brake on the brake pads, manufacturers provisions the thickness shall not be less than 1.2mm, because, through all of the actual measurement shows that: 1.2mm before or after, brake pads wear and spalling faster. Therefore, the owners should at this time or before check and replace the brake brakes, vehicles, under normal driving conditions, front brake brake life for 3 - 5 million km, brake pad life for 12 - 15 million kilometers.
Note before and after replacement of brake pad
First to check the road sweeper for brakes is pure accessories, product packaging intact, security signs and labels and the brake sheet marking consistency, the product model is and a certificate. In the vehicle before the first holding brake oil cover open, loose screws should be diagonal tire. If the use of simple jack support, should be a good Jack, and the reinforcement does not replace the wheels of the brake pad. Remove the tire, loosen the clamp fastening screws, and check the screws, pliers slide guide, remove the sediment and oil, and on the lubrication oil. Remove the old brake pad, check the brake disc wear level, whether the ditch from the bad. Serious wear and tear should be replaced with a new brake disc, the cycle is 120 thousand - 8 km, otherwise it will speed up the new replacement of the brake pad wear, and brake direction jitter, braking force off the school It is worth noting: install new brake pads should distinguish between home and abroad, tablets and the friction surface of brake should be to the brake disc. The disc with appropriate. Safety accessories, fastening clamp. The fastening clamp, application tools will plug back clamp bit, which is convenient to clamp in place. If you need to replace the brake drum brake on the suggestion to the professional maintenance factory please professional operation, so as to avoid mistakes.
After installing the brake, the tyre should be reset. When installing the tyre screw, the screw should be tightened so that it can protect the tire and brake hub. At the same time, but also to check the tread and edge of the wear condition is normal, the best left and right wheels can be replaced regularly, this will help to extend the service life of tires.