How long is the most economical to replace the brake disc?


 How long is the most economic and reasonable use of the brake disc replacement? Have friends ever thought about this problem? I believe a lot of friends will feel very confused, then we will discuss this issue.

The maximum wear limit of the brake disc is 2 mm. It is necessary to replace the new brake disc after applying to the limit. But in the actual use of them, most of the owners are not strictly enforced this specification. Replacement frequency also depends on the individual's control habits to measure, the general measure is as follows:

1, to see the replacement frequency of the brake pad. If the replacement of the frequency is very high, it is advocated to view more of the brake disc thickness, whether you are a relatively fast piece of the cost of the words to clarify many of your brakes, so to check the timing of the brake disc.

2, according to wear to decide: due to the brake disc in addition to normal wear outside and due to brake or brake disc quality and normal in the process of applying eyewinker causes wear if brake hub by a foreign body wear some relatively deep ditch, or disk wear have error (some local thin, when some thick) advocated to replace, because this wear poor error will directly affect the US safety harness.